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Component Process
The vast majority of the Plant's machinery is imported from Europe and Japan, to fulfill OE quality requirements.

    Shaft CNC


    Shaft Grinder


    Automatic Shaft Balancing


    Hole Punder


    Wheel CNC


    Automatic Balancing Wheel


    Wheel Grinder


    Bearing Housing Welding

CHRA/Cartridge Assembly
1. Broad model coverage
2. Quick model update
3. Dedicated discharge equipment for the easy deformation parts, which would avoid knocking parts together, or twisting each other
4. Material Picking System for the short packing parts, which would guide the operator to pick up the material and put the wrong alarm
5. Computoer controlled production process to prompt assembly steps in real time, which records production information as well as process parameters
6. 100% automatic detection for the airtightness of each and every cartridge
  • Assemble and Detection

  • > Calling Program

  • VSR (vibration sorting rig) core component balancing

  • > VSR Core Component mapping

  • > Modification to Core Components

  • Assemble and Detection procedure

Complete Turbo Assembly
1. Broad range coverage
2. Quick model update
3. The operating procedure for each model is independent. Electronic operating files run in concert with product assembly tools. The illustrations that are presented to the operator offer the most intuitive operating instructions
4. Lean Management Systems govern the factory's entire equipment layout, with the whole process using a conveyor system to efficiently revolve materials
5. Material Picking System is ultilized for the short packing of parts, which guides the operator to pick up the correct part and raises an alarm if an incorrect item is selected
6. The Casting assembly uses a program-controlled servo system to ensure product consistency
7. Again, the entire production process is computer controlled so as to prompt the assembly steps in real time, and also record production information and process parameters
8. 100% automatic detection for the airtightness of each Turbocharger assembly
  • Material Handling System of the Turbo Assembly Line

  • Final Assembly for Complete Turbochargers

  • Assembly Line for Core Components

  • Detection & Mark for Airtightness

  • > Calibration for the Minimum Discharge of Complete Turbo

  • Actuator Calibration

To support global customers' demand for fast delivery, JRONE has now established a 10,000 sqm logistic center in Wuxi, CHINA, housing around 9850 SKUs.The warehouse operates using ERP & WMS management systems with QR code.The standard 'door to door' AIR shipment delivery from point of order is 7 days, with 'urgent' orders available to ship (dependent upon size) within 48hrs. What's more, and to further improve our delivery of goods, JRONE is set to establish warehouse facilities in Europe, North America and South America in the near future.
  • >  9850 SKUs

    >  US $20 million in stock

  • >  ERP & WMS Systems

    >  QR code implementation

  • >  7 days for standard order turnaround

    2 days for urgent orders

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